Catherine Zeta-Jones Holds Back Tears

Catherine Zeta-Jones was fighting back tears at a public appearance in her native Wales as she spoke of Michael Douglas's fight with cancer. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Catherine Zeta-Jones breaks down in tears talking about her husband Michael Douglas. It happened on-stage in her native Wales.

 Zeta-Jones said, "I grew up just about 40 miles from here."

The event's organizers choose not to release video of the emotional moment, but this photo shows how choked up she got. Her voice broke as she told the 13,000-strong crowd, "Michael is holding up with great strength and dignity."

Michael chose to stay home in New York to continue his treatment for stage-4 throat cancer. The gaunt and frail 66-year-old star was photographed walking his daughter to school this week.

People magazine quotes a friend as saying Michael wanted Catherine to go, saying, "This has been on her calendar for months, and Michael insisted she go. She made it a quick trip to be a part of the important night, and get right home."

The dinner was part of the celebration of the Ryder Cup golf tournament , which is being held in Wales for the first time. One of the guests was Tiger Woods.

Catherine seemed touched when Prince Charles asked about Michael's health.

"So how is your husband?" asked Prince Charles.

Zeta-Jones replied, "Given what is going on, he is strong and he finishes his last treatment next week. Then he has a three month hiatus and then we will see what happens."

"Do give him by best, healing thoughts," said Prince Charles.

"Yes, healing thoughts is what he needs. Thank you," said Zeta-Jones. 

Zeta-Jones somehow pulled it together, looking stunning as always in an elegant evening gown, walking the red carpet. But her thoughts were back home with Michael.

Zeta-Jones said, "He's not traveling this weekend. He's just finishing up his treatment. He's holding up very very well and everyone could not be happier with the progress, so he's doing fine, thanks."