5-foot Venomous Cobra Escapes in Florida

Residents of the Buckingham area near Ft. Myers were alerted to the presence of an Asian monocled cobra on Saturday, a potentially deadly species.

Residents of a southwest Florida community were put on alert Saturday after a potentially deadly cobra escaped from an area home.

The 5-foot reptile was first spotted in Buckingham near Ft. Myers on Friday afternoon. Florida Fish & Wildlife officials determined it to be an Asian monocled cobra that had gotten loose from its enclosure.

FWC officials warned residents of the area not to approach the venomous reptile and instead alert wildlife officials if it's spotted.

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Venom from the snake--which is found naturally in Thailand, India, China and much of Asia--can disrupt heart, nerve and muscle function and lead to serious complications.

The brownish snake has distinctive markings including a white and dark circular spot on the back of its hood.

According to the FWC, the cobra's owner has a license to keep the snake. 

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The owner also keeps other exotic creatures, none of which were reported missing.

This past July, a monocled cobra was feared loose in Austin, Texas after it killed its owner and escaped the teen's car.

In investigation later determined 18-year-old Grant Thompson had used the snake to help him commit suicide. The snake was found dead along a nearby road.

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