Larry David to Get $5,000 for Heckling Donald Trump During SNL Appearance

'Seinfeld' creator Larry David showed up on Saturday Night Live this weekend, when he yelled to Trump off-camera: "You're a racist!"

Donald Trump's much ballyhooed Saturday Night Live apeparance started with a tense moment between the presidential wannabe and Larry David.

The Seinfeld creator--on hand for the show's cold open, where he played Bernie Sanders--yelled from off-camera, "You're a racist!"

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After Trump feigned surprise at the apparently scripted interruption of his opening monologue, David explained, "I heard if I yelled that, they'd give me five thousand dollars."

Earlier in the night, as dozens protested the vocally anti-immigrant presidential candidate, a Latino group offered any audience member $5,000 should they interrupt the live broadcast by accusing Trump of racism.

Following the bit, the Latino group, called, said they would make good on the offer.

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"We are excited to reward the Larry David with $5,000 cash for 'standing up' to Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and speaking the truth about his anti-Latino racism, even though he was joking," the group announced

Groups like, many of whom called for a boycott of Saturday's SNL episode, have been highly critical of Trump since he kicked off his presidential campaign this summer with a speech that, in part, took a hard-line stance against undocumented immigrants.

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