Lady Wrangler Traps 12-Foot Gator in Mall Parking Lot as Boys in Blue Keep a Safe Distance

Alligator trapper Christy Kroboth subdued an 800-pound alligator on Saturday that had wandered into a Sugar Land, Texas parking lot.

Christy Kroboth was called to a mall parking lot in Texas on Saturday where she encountered a 12-foot monster of an alligator.

Thankfully, Kroboth is a seasoned a gator trapper and managed to dispatch the 800-pound reptile with relative ease as some police officers who’d called her to the Sugar Land parking lot stood back and let her do her job.

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Or, one of her jobs. Kroboth is a full-time dental hygienist who also just happens to be licensed by the state of Texas to trap gators.

"A lot of times when I show up on a call it's cops and mostly guys. And they're like, 'Texas Parks and Wildlife sent you?'", Kroboth told KTRK. "They kind of doubt me at first until I really get them taped and ready to go."


That said, this was no typical call for Kroboth. Based on size alone, Saturday's job was special.

Kroboth said the hulking lizard likely lived in the creek near the shopping center and came out looking for food before sunrise and then found itself confused when the sun came up.

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The gator is likely around 50-years-old and blind in one eye, which may have worsened its confusion.

It was so large, it had to be carried away from the parking lot--hog-tied and with a cloth over its head--on a forklift.

According to Kroboth, who said she tries "to be sweet to these guys,"  the gator was sent off to an alligator sanctuary, where he'll likely live the rest of his days fathering new gators.

"He'll be a happy gator," Kroboth said.

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