Mom Who Left Kids in Food Court During Job Interview Insists: 'I Love My Children'

Laura Browder admitted to INSIDE EDITION that the kids weren't in her line of sight during the interview.

Laura Browder insists she loves her children, despite being arrested for leaving them alone in a food court while interviewing for a job at a nearby Starbucks.

“What I was thinking was, ‘This is for my children. I really need this job,’’’ she told INSIDE EDITION.

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She said had no child care and that as a single mom, she had to bring her children to the Memorial City Mall in Houston.

After buying them lunch, Browder left her six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son sitting at a table as she walked to the interview. When she returned, she was arrested for child abandonment.

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She told police that the children were always within her line of sight. The charges against her were later dismissed.

But she admitted to INSIDE EDITION that she hadn’t always been able to see them because the coffee house was down a hall and around a corner.

“I’m not justifying what I did. I was on a job interview. Wrong is wrong,” she told IE. “I felt so bad as a mother. You can ask anyone that’s close to me. They know I love my children.”

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