Toddler Taped to a Wall by His Own Mom

A toddler was taped to a wall with duct tape by his own mother and her boyfriend, who did it for laughs. But they're not laughing now. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

They're the photos that will break the heart of any loving parent. A two-year-old boy actually duct-taped to a wall.

Believe it or not, cops say his own mother held him there while her boyfriend duct-taped him to the wall.

We've blurred the photos to protect the toddler's identity. If you could see his face, you'd see a bewildered little boy wailing over his plight.

The prosecutor in the case said, "He was terrified. You can see that from looking at the pictures."

In another sequence of photos, the little boy also has his hands duct-taped. His mother has a big grin in the photos with her son and the boyfriend. They think it's a big joke.

Another photos shows where they've taped the little boy's sippy cup to the wall out of his reach, triggering more tears.

Cops say the photos were taken when the mom and boyfriend were high after a night of partying at their home near Lincoln, Nebraska.

Police chief Bruce Lang said, "They did it because they thought it was funny."

The photos came to light when the mom showed them to a friend, who then called the cops.

INSIDE EDITION wanted to ask the mother how this could possibly happen? She wasn't keen to talk, saying, "I want you to leave."

The boyfriend, 19-year-old Corde Honea was sentenced to three years for child abuse. And 18-year-old Jayla Hamm was sentenced to five weekends in jail and probation. Her son is allowed to stay with her under state supervision.