Passenger's Dentist Equipment Triggers Alarm, Causes Massive Delays at Miami Airport

A mysterious bag triggered an airport shutdown in Miami.

Passengers on an American Airlines plane were ordered to put their hands on their heads and evacuate the jetliner at Miami Airport after a fellow passenger boarded the flight with what authorities called a suspicious carry-on bag.

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The passenger with the so-called mysterious bag was searched then taken off the plane for questioning.

The security alert caused chaos at one of the world's busiest airports as 50 flights were delayed and nine incoming planes were diverted.

The airport terminal was locked down with dozens of people were held inside a TGI Friday's restaurant. Yards away, police officers patrolled the terminal with M16 assault rifles.

But it turned out that the passenger taken off the flight was a Barbados-bound dentist carrying his dental equipment, which set off an alarm. Due to a miscommunication among TSA agents, he was allowed to board the jet.

He was not arrested and the FBI says there was never any danger to passengers. The FBI Miami said in a statement: “There is no safety issue or threat related to the incident. The passenger was cooperative and faces no charges."

Following the incident on Monday evening, American Airlines released a statement: “A passenger on American Airlines flight 2393 from Miami to Barbados was taken into custody by local law enforcement at MIA. We are working closely with law enforcement while ensuring the care of our customers the best we can.”

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Throughout the evening, Miami International Airport updated passengers via Twitter:

Update #10: All D gates have been cleared. All checkpoints & roadways are open. Operations returning to normal.

— Miami Int'l Airport (@iflymia) November 10, 2015

Update #11: PD have cleared incident and operations slowly returning to normal. Thank you for your patience.

— Miami Int'l Airport (@iflymia) November 10, 2015

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