2 Miracle Girls Born With Their Hearts Outside Their Chests Meet For First Time

Two adorable girls with the same rare medical condition have met face-to-face after begging their parents.

Three-year-old Audrey is so excited. For the first time in her young life, she is encountering another little girl, Virsaviya, 6, with the same rare medical condition.

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Both girls with their hearts beating outside of their bodies.

When the girls heard about the existence of each other they begged their parents to arrange a meeting.

Audry's mom, Ashley, thought letting the girls play doctor would be a fun way to help them understand their medical situations and foster their unique bond. Virsaviya lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with her mom, Dari.

Each took a turn listening to the other's heart with toy stethoscopes.

“She knows what she's going through, to see another child with same condition, is amazing,” Ashley said.

The moms say they have a lot to be thankful for. The condition, known as pentology of Cantrell, occurs once in a million births. Most victims don't survive. 

“They gave me no hope that Audrey would live two days,” Ashley said.

Surgeons at Texas Children Hospital in Houston actually placed Audrey’s heart back in her body. She has already outgrown several special shields to protect her heart.

Today, the little girl is thrilled to have finally had a play mate who is just like her.

Ashley said: “It gives us courage that Audrey will be six years old.”

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The mothers of these girls decided to give their daughters a gift they can cherish forever, while at Build-A-Bear, gave them a special delight to give their bears -- a heart.

For more information on Virsaviya and her condition, click here

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