Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows Raw Emotion

Catherine Zeta-Jones showed raw emotion at JFK airport as she rushed home early from a public appearance in Wales to be with Michael Douglas. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Catherine Zeta-Jones breaks down at the airport. She lowered her head, and said, "Enough. Enough. I'm tired of this."

The heartbreaking moment happened at New York's JFK airport last night. Zeta-Jones was rushing home to be with her husband, Michael Douglas, who is stricken with throat cancer. She had cut short her visit to her homeland of Wales, where she had hosted a Ryder Cup Golf Tournament event and met with Prince Charles.

Assistants put a comforting hand on Catherine's arm as they escorted her through the airport and past photographers.

But finally, it all became too much. She had a meltdown, pausing in a doorway for nearly two minutes. Her voice cracked as she said, "Enough already. I'm tired of this."

Zeta-Jones looked shell-shocked when she finally gathered the strength to get to her car, clinging to her driver's arm for suuport.

She was driven straight home to her Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park to be with her husband and her two young children. But clearly, the ordeal of her husband's stage-4 cancer has taken its toll. 

Psychologist Jeffrey Gardere told INSIDE EDITION, "There's a lot of stress on Catherine Zeta-Jones right now. Not only does she want to be by the side of her husband every minute of the day, but she also has to be a mother, she's a public figure, she's a famous actress. So she has to continue with her daily duties. And I think all of those things together has caused her to have these series of breakdowns in the public." 

The Oscar® winner has also announced that she's pulled out of her next movie. She had been lined up to play legendary actress Vivian Leigh, the Scarlet O'Hara of the silver screen. It's a part Zeta-Jones was born to play. But she's turned it down to focus on her real-life role as a devoted wife. 

Zeta-Jones has said her husband has one more round of chemo and then has a hiatus from treatments for three months.