Trespassing Deer Slides Through the Halls of a Middle School

A deer found it's way into a Virginia middle school but couldn't find it's footing in the hallway.

A deer entered a Virginia Middle School and couldn’t find its footing around the halls.

The deer slipped and slid across the freshly clean floors of J.T. Henley Middle School outside Charlottesville last week.

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Phil Giaramita, strategic communications officer for Albemarle County Public Schools, told INSIDE EDITION via email that “the deer came through a window in the front of the school, suggesting it may have seen its reflection in the glass and thought there was another deer present.”

The deer was spotted by a staff member of the school and ushered out the front door.

According to Giaramita: “There is a wooded area near the school and it is not uncommon for a wild animal to be on grounds. This is the first incident, however, of this nature.”

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The deer is said to be safe following the incident.

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