A Set of Twins Married Another Set of Twins... and the Priests and Flower Girls Were Twins, Too

Brothers Dilraj and Dilker Varikkassery wed sisters Reema and Reena in India.

A set of identical twins married another set of identical twins in India - and the photos will leave you feeling a little dizzy.

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Brothers Dilraj and Dilker Varikkassery wed sisters Reema and Reena in the Thrissur district of Kerala. The couples were married by two priests, Rezi and Rozy Manaparambil, who are also identical twins.

But there's more: the flower girls, Ansa and Asna, were twins, as were the ushers, Henry and Hendri.

Come their wedding day, each set of siblings wore matching outfits.

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The brothers decided they would marry twin sisters while in high school and they eventually found their brides after a five-year search, according to reports.

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