Chipotle Debunks Rumors That Cat and Dog Meat Is In Its Food and That the Chain Is Closing

A Twitter post spreads false rumor that Chipotle was going out of business because it was caught with cat and dog meat in one of its factories.

It started with a tweet posted from a conspiracy site. 

Chipotle - the ubiquitous Mexican food chain recently hit with an outbreak of E.Coli in its Northwest locations, is going out of business because the FDA had found cat and dog carcasses in a company facility in Denver - @conspiracystory claimed.

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Not true, Chipotle responded Wednesday. But by that time, more than five thousand people had retweeted the erroneous story and the Twitter universe, of course, erupted.

Chipotle Conspiracy

November 10, 2015

@conspiracystory You realize this has been debunked several times, right? There's no truth to it. -Shane

November 12, 2015

Some tweets were sorrowful. Others rightly spotted something fishy about the meat post.

When you find out the dog and cat meat at chipotle was just a prank.

November 11, 2015

Chipotle aint closing...there just rummors..if you believe errrthang you hear thats your stfu or square up lol

November 8, 2015

A similar rumor made the rounds last year, and the details were much the same.

The restaurant is in the process of reopening its franchises in Oregon and Washington after several customers became ill earlier this month. The company says it has replaced all of the food in those locations and tested all employees.

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