Woman Rigs Alarm Clock With Rubber Hand That Smacks Her in the Face

Simone Giertz, a Stockholm, Sweden-based 'creative technologist' likes to creative over-the-top solutions to everyday problems.

An inventor based in Sweden has rocketed to internet fame after creating an alarm clock that slaps her awake with a rubber hand.

Simone Giertz, of Stockholm, calls herself a creative technologist and told INSIDE EDITION she loves to create over-the-top solutions to everyday problems.

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Her problem waking up in the morning being no exception, the 25-year-old picked apart a normal alarm clock, rigged it to a circuit board and attached a rotating prop arm to slap her from her stupor.

"I really like bad robots," Giertz told INSIDE EDITION. "(Robots) that solve problems that don't really exist."

A video of Giertz's invention on her YouTube page shows just how bad this particular robot can be. While Giertz laughs at her own folly, her hair gets painfully wound up in the machine.

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Giertz took the accident with a grain of salt.

"What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and my hair will grow out glossier than ever," she said.

Giertz said she doesn't foresee herself using the machine on a regular basis, though she could definitely picture her silly invention stocking store shelves some day.

"But I can’t see anyone buying it," she said.

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