Dog-Loving Couple Gets Married With Pampered Pooches in Starring Role

Canada couple Shandess and Jason Griffin love their dogs so much they had them participate in their wedding vows.

A British Columbia couple love their pack of pampered pooches so much they invited the dogs to be part of their wedding.

Shandess and Jason Griffin of Maple Ridge, Canada were recently wed and not only used their two Bernese mountain dogs Holden and Arbor, Australian Shepherd mix Navi and Samoyed named Zero in their vows, they also danced with their dogs for their first dance as a married couple.

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"The dogs were super well-behaved and overjoyed to be a part of our wedding day," Shandess said.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple wanted to include the dogs in the ceremony in part because they helped bring them together.

"They are part of the reason we actually got together in the first place - Jason was the only man to approach me about my dogs and know their actual breeds," Shandess said.

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"Instead of asking for a date, he asked me to go on a walk with the dogs and that obviously struck a chord. There was never a wedding in my mind without them included."

This is not the dogs' first taste of viral fame. Last year, video of Jason's proposal to Shandess took the internet by storm when he chose to use the dogs to help him pop the quesiton.

More popular still was a photo Shandess posted to Imgur that showed all the hefty pups crammed into the back of a Volkswagen Rabbit.

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