Watch These Dancers Effortlessly Perform Handstands, Splits on 'Hoverboards'

The dancers glide on the boards, which are more like Segways without handles, as they dance to Justin Bieber's "Sorry."

While most of us can't imagine even standing up on a hoverboard, these California dancers somehow use them to perform effortless stunts.

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The women glide on the boards - which are more like Segways without handles - as they dance to Justin Bieber's "Sorry."

In a video produced by Kailey Maurer and Kelianne Stankus, they perform perfect handstands, splits and even lift each other up, all while balancing on the boards with wheels.

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Kelianne told INSIDE EDITION: "We are all world-ranked acrobatic gymnasts, and the first time Kailey and I saw the boards we thought it was a great idea to do a handstand on them. It turn out to be pretty easy so we decide to incorporate our acrobatic tricks."

She added that, surprisingly, there were no injuries in the making of the video.

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