Reports: Canadian Couple Dies Having Sex in Hot Tub at Mexican Resort Days Before Daughter's Wedding

A Canadian couple died in Mexican resort hot tub, reportedly while having sex, days before daughter's wedding.

A Canadian couple died in a Mexican resort hot tub after the husband suffered a heart attack and pinned his wife, who drowned under his weight, according to reports.

Charles McKenzie, 67, and his wife, Dorothy, 63, were staying at the Playaca Palace, where their daughter was to get married Thursday, the CBC reported.

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The husband and wife, who were from Nova Scotia, were found “in a sexual embrace” in their hotel room’s spa bath earlier this week, The Independent reported.

Charles McKenzie’s brother-in-law, Douglas Hastings, said the family was dealing with local authorities and making arrangements for the bodies.

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“I know that they’re more concerned about the remains and cremation and things like that. I don’t really know about the wedding,” he said, according to the Canadian Press.

It was not clear whether the daughter's wedding took place on the planned date.

Canadian consul officials in Mexico were helping the family with arrangements. There was nothing disturbed in the couple’s room, CP reported, and no signs of foul play.

Autopsies showed Charles suffered a heart attack and his wife died from asphyxia by submersion, CP wrote.

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