Man Kidnaps, Repeatedly Rapes Woman He Held Captive in Secluded Alaska Cabin: Report

A woman was abducted and raped numerous times a day for more than a month in a cabin in rural Alaska.

A woman was abducted and repeatedly raped in a cabin in rural Alaska, finally being rescued after more than a month of captivity by law enforcement officials as her attacker assaulted her a final time, she told police.

Daniel Selovich allegedly used duct tape to bind himself to the woman, who told police that he tied a rope around her neck and attached it  to a roof support beam so she couldn’t run away, an Alaska State Trooper wrote in an affidavit, the Associated Press reported.

The woman claimed that Selovich first raped her in a U-Haul that he picked her up in from the airport in Fairbanks on September 26. It was not immediately clear how the two knew each other or where the woman was from, the AP wrote.

They then went to a nearby hotel, where they had consensual sex, officials said.

The pair flew to his cabin, located about 16 miles outside of a tiny village. They stayed in a tent for a week while repairs were made to the cabin, which is when Selovich allegedly started beating and raping the woman, the AP reported.

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“It would be better for her to run away from the cabin and possibly be eaten by a bear than continue being physically and sexually assaulted by Daniel,” an Alaska State Trooper wrote that the woman said in an affidavit.

The man allegedly beat her with his fists and belts, kicked her, bit her and raped her, she told officials.

The woman reportedly managed to contact a friend through Facebook Messenger, asking for a medical evacuation because of chest pains and possible pneumonia, but it was not immediately clear how or why she had access to the social network.

Troopers told the AP that a military helicopter from Fort Wainwright picked up the pair on Sunday and brought them to a hospital for treatment.

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Police said in the court document they noticed bruising on the woman’s arms and head and saw she had a laceration on her neck, the AP wrote.

Troopers who searched the cabin with a warrant reportedly found a knife, duct-tape and a rope tied to a roof beam.

Selovich was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and assault. He was arraigned in Fairbanks Superior Court and did not enter a plea, the AP wrote. 

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