Student Befriends Dorm Chef and Surprises Him With His First Ever Plane Flight

A University of Illinois student befriended a cook at his dorm's cafeteria and took him flying when he learned he'd never been in a plane.

A University of Illinois student who'd made friends with a cook in his dorm cafeteria fulfilled a lifelong dream for his friend by taking him flying.

Jason, a 21-year-old engineering major at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, befriended a cook named Eric while they were both working in the dorm one summer.

According to Jason, the two have since become good friends, the kind who discuss things like superhero powers. Jason's would be super-speed and Eric's would be flying.

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However, the cook had never been in the air.

Jason set out to change that and give his friend a taste of what his super power might be like.

"He had never flown in a plane before and confided that he was scared of heights. Our conversation coincided with the start of JasonsList, my bucket list project," Jason told INSIDE EDITION.

In Jason's video of the day he took Eric flying, he first dupes his friend by telling him they're going bowling.

While en route to what Eric thinks is a bowling alley, Jason makes the big reveal: they're going flying.

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Eric looks totally shocked and his excitement only builds as they soon prepare for liftoff. 

Once they're in the air, Eric can barely contain his excitement as he smiles and covers his face in disbelief while cruising the skies over Illinois.

"I knew that taking Eric flying for the first time was something I wanted to do. It took about two months of planning and was definitely worth it," Jason said.

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