Two Teens Killed by Speeding Cop

INSIDE EDITION reports on two teenage girls who were killed when a state trooper crashed into them at 126 mph while he was emailing on his computer and talking on his cell phone at the wheel.

18-year-old Jessica Uhl and her 13-year-old sister Kelli were killed instantly in a horrific car wreck.

"Their injuries were so severe that they were not easily identified at first, " said the teen's mother, Kimberley.

But their mom's anguish turned to outrage when she learned their car had been hit head-on by an Illinois state police patrol car travelling at, get this, 126 miles-per-hour.

And that's not all. The state police officer was actually talking on his cell phone with his girlfriend and sending e-mails on his laptop while weaving in and out of traffic.

"He was on his phone just seconds before impact," said Kimberley.

Officer Matt Mitchell pled guilty to reckless homicide, but he didn't serve a day in jail.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Kimberly, "Has trooper Mitchell ever expressed remorse?"

"No," said Kimberley.

"No apology?" asked Trent.

"No," said Kimberley.

Now, to add insult to injury, Mitchell is seeking Workers Compensation from the state of Illinois. Kimberley says as the law stands now, he will probably win.

In the three years since the tragedy, Jessica and Kelli's mom has successfully campaigned to change police rules on using cell phones while driving. She speaks to classes of new recruits, and shows them that last picture of her daughters.

"That emotion, I try to channel all of that into doing good in my daughter's names and keeping their memories out there," said Kimberley.

But nothing can ease the pain of her heartbreaking loss or bring her daughters back.

"It's still a very large void that will never ever be filled," said Kimberley.