Paris Man Saved From Blast Shrapnel by Cell Phone: My Head Would Have 'Exploded'

A man who was crossing the street when bombs went off near the Stade de France Friday says his phone stopped deadly shrapnel from hitting him in the head.

A man who was right outside the Stade de France just as bombs detonated as part of Friday's coordinated series of terror attacks says his life was saved by his cell phone.

The man, who gave his name to reporters only as Sylvestre, was on the phone while crossing the street outside the national soccer stadium when terror struck. 

Shrapnel smashed into his phone, which he says was holding up to his head. Had he not been holding the phone, Sylvestre said his head would have "exploded."

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Reuters footage of the man and his phone shows the device all but blown to bits.

"This is the cell phone that took the hit, its what saved me. Otherwise my head would have been blown to bits. I wouldn't wish it on anyone," Sylvestre told iTele.

While seemingly unharmed, Sylvestre wasn't completely unscathed. He showed reporters a bloody spot on his abdomoen and a hole in his shoe where he says he was struck by bomb shrapnel.

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At France's National Stadium, three bombs are believed to have been detonated Friday night as part of a series of almost simultaneous attacks across the city.

Two of the bombings were confirmed to be suicide attacks, a terror tactic previously unseen in France.

According to Sky News, three people were killed in the bombings near Stade de France.

Those tragic deaths were among at least 120 that rocked Paris and sent shockwaves across the world Friday.

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