Mariah Carey's Drunk Acceptance Speech

It was supposed to be Mariah Carey's big moment when she accepted her first big acting award for her role in the movie Precious.  But the way she was behaving on stage has people buzzing that she was ou

Did Mariah Carey admit she was wasted during her appearance at the Palm Springs Film Festival?

Tipsy Mariah was there to pick up an acting award for her breakthrough role in Precious, and it was one of the wackiest acceptance speeches ever.

She began by saying, "Please forgive me because I'm a little bit .. um... (bleep) ... yeah!"

It was painfully obvious Mariah started partying before she hit the red carpet. Mariah seemed to be definitely out of it, slurring her words as she stood next to Precious director Lee Daniels, and trying to talk about dressing down for her role.

"I need you to...uh....what do you call it? You know pink eyes here, moustache here," as she points to film director Lee Daniels.

At one point she spontaneously started clapping. Mariah's ramblings went on for over five minutes, and the audience started clapping in an attempt to bring her acceptance speech to an end.

"I really have to thank the Palm Springs...please please," said Mariah.

Mariah's show stopping speech was the butt of jokes. Actor Sean Penn and director Jason Reitman took direct aim at it.

Sean Penn said, "You think anything's going to make Youtube tonight?"

Reitman said at the podium, "I think it feels just as good as Mariah Carey feels right now."

INSIDE EDITION learned Mariah left the awards show early and had to be carried out.

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Mariah Carey, Precious

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