13-Year-Old Girl Broke Her Tooth After She Says Bully Slammed Her Into Sidewalk in Gym Class

Charlee Funes's story was featured on the “True Crime Daily” podcast. She and her mom spoke about the incident with Inside Edition.

An Illinois seventh grader who says a school bully left her battered and bruised is speaking out to Inside Edition. Charlee Funes broke a tooth when she says the bully slammed her into the sidewalk at school.

The ordeal went viral on social media after the family shared Charlee’s story on the “True Crime Daily” podcast. 

And Charlee’s mom says the classmate accused of being the bully was only given a two-day suspension. 

“If there is no repercussions for what she has done, it is going to get worse and worse,” her mom said.

Charlee says she is happy for all the support she has received, but she’s apprehensive about returning to school in the fall.

“I personally want the school to expel her,” Charlee said. “I don’t want her bullying other kids.”

The school district superintendent says immediate action was taken in regards to the misconduct of the student.

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