Preparing for the Worst: How to Escape a Concert Hall Attack

Safety expert Bill Stanton shared tips with INSIDE EDITION to lessen the risk of being injured in an attack.

If you find yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack, how do you get out alive?

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Safety expert Bill Stanton showed INSIDE EDITION how to lower the risk of being injured or killed.

"While most people get up front because they want to see the band, what I am doing is I am looking around for every exit and entry," he said. "Knowing where to go if something happens." 

"What happens if I can't get to the exit and I get shot immediately. What do I do?" he continued. 

"We are all not from a Die Hard movie, know your capabilities. If you can't run or you are out of shape, you might want to play dead," he said.  

The attacks in Paris prove again there is no way to predict when or where terrorist will strike.

One of the victims at the Le Bataclan concert hall played dead for an hour.

Stanton said if you are still alive and play dead, use a perished person's body a shield. 

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"The most important thing is don't be a sheep and follow the sheep in front of you. Have a plan of action in your mind. If something goes down, act on it. Be the lion not the sheep," Stanton said of  preparing for the worst

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