Did Terrorists Communicate Through Their PlayStations to Plan Paris Attacks?

Authorities say ISIS terrorists are using the game console to speak and text each other.

Authorities say ISIS terrorists are using the popular PlayStation 4 game console to communicate with each other in a way that can't be monitored by national security.

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Jan Jambon, Belgium’s Interior Minister told Poltico Europe three days before the attack on Paris: “The most difficult communication between these terrorists is the PlayStation 4.

“It’s very, very difficult for our services not only Belgian services but international services to decrypt the communication that is done via PlayStation 4,” Jambon said.

Jan Jambon on why terrorists love Playstation 4 from POLITICO Europe on Vimeo.

Cyber-security expert Michael Hoose showed INSIDE EDITION how it works.

Hoose said: "You have to be invited to participate in the game which will enable the audio and the text message to go back and forth," Hoose said. 

“It's a closed network, so it's outside of what everyone is using for communication,” he said.

There is no way to monitor what goes on the PlayStation network, Hoose said. 

A PlayStation 4 was reportedly found in a police raid that followed the attacks in Paris. It's not clear if the Paris terrorists in fact communicated via the game console.

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A spokesman for Sony says: "We are dedicated to checking behavior and we urge our users and partners to report activities that may be offensive, suspicious or illegal."

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