Cops: Woman Calls 911 For Chicken Wings, Cigarettes

According to police, a woman dialed 911 for smokes and wings.

A Florida woman is accused of calling 911 and telling the operator she wanted chicken wings and cigarettes, according to police.

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Cops went to the home of Lianne Watson, 45, who said she had been drinking and could not drive to the store to feed her cravings so she called 911 instead, according to reports.

According to the arrest report, she asked officers for a cigarette and if they could take her to get some.

Her behavior was manic as well, as the woman would switch between hysterical laughter and crying and yelling, according to reports.

Watson was taken into custody by police on charges of misusing the 911 system.

Once placed in the squad car and taken to Lake County Jail, she repeatedly hit the partition in the car and kicked her legs in the air,  WESH reported.

She was given multiple warnings to stop and when she didn’t, she was placed in a restraint.

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She was later released after posting $1,000 bail.

INSIDE EDITION reached out to Watson for comment.

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