See Geraldo Rivera's Emotional Reunion With Daughter Who Was in Paris During Attacks

Geraldo Rivera has reunited with his daughter who was in Paris during the attacks on Friday.

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera hugged his 21-year-old daughter, Simone, after they reunited on-air following the Paris terrorist attacks.

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She was inside Stade de France watched the French national soccer team play Germany when the attacks began.

A worried Geraldo spoke to his daughter on the phone during Fox's live coverage Friday night and the two have finally been brought back together.

"It was an amazing relief just to squeeze her and to know that she was safe," he said.

He added: "Of course we had exchanged text messages after a frustrating failure to communicate during the awful incident on Friday night. All I can say is that the Rivera family is tremendously relieved, but we mourn for all the other families that have suffered so much here."

As the world grieves with Paris, the late night comics turned serious on Monday night.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah held back tears as he talked about the attack.

The South African host said: "Our lives are defined by moments -- dinner with family, taking a nice drive together, friends gathering at somebody's house to watch Ronda [Rousey] get kicked in the neck.

"I think the reason it's so painful is because often terrorism seeks to replace these moments with death and fear. We all are afraid. We replace that fear with anger a lot of the time. But I think what we should try to choose to do is not focus on the perpetrators. Because every attack, whether it's Paris, Beirut, Kenya, seems less about a specific group and more about an attack on humanity itself."

Noah’s fellow Comedy Central host, Larry Wilmore declared his support to the French on The Nightly Show.

“France, you are our oldest ally. You understand us more than anybody. You gave us our biggest emotions, bling, you even put up with us when we tried to change the name of your delicious fries. You have always had our back. If somebody f***s with you, they f*** with us, all right,” he said.

Conan O’Brien began his program saying: “I thought, maybe we should just start the show by saying, instead of doing jokes about the news, just say that our thoughts are with the people of Paris and France, and everybody who’s been affected by this terrible tragedy worldwide.”

Stephen Colbert began The Late Show with France’s national anthem, “La Marseillaise,” and instead of showing scenes of New York in his opening credits, he showed scenes of Paris.

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He then reminded Americans what they need to thank France for by broadcasting images of people French kissing, how they were our allies during the Revolution and the Statue of Liberty, which was a gift from the French. America's greatest symbol of freedom has sat in New York harbor since 1875.

Jimmy Fallon performed his usual monologue on The Tonight Show where he joked about pop culture and politics but then offered a hug to the people of Paris.

“Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims, and we want to let you know that we believe in you,” he said.

Seth Meyers spoke in French on The Late Show and shared sentiments how his mom was a French teacher and that Paris is where he proposed to his wife.

Late Late Show host James Corden summed up every emotion saying: “It’s a city that is full of beauty, of art, of culture - of life - and nothing will ever change that.”

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