Man Complains 'It's Too Soon For Christmastime' as He Parodies Music Video

One man feels that Christmas is coming too early and wanted to sing about it.

Does the Christmas season seem to be starting earlier each year?

That's what Jon Murray thought - so he used One Republic’s hit “Apologize” to craft a parody about how Christmas season arrives straight after Halloween.

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Augmenting the lyrics, Jon walks around on November 1 to show how Christmas is already here - from foam lattes to decorations and gifts.

He sings: “I am just thinking, ‘Can’t we just wait ‘til Thanksgiving?’”

Changing the hook from “It’s too late to apologize” to “It’s too soon for Christmastime,” Jon, who is part of the YouTube stars The Murrays, seems to have created a new viral hit.

“I noticed things going up in stores a few days before Halloween had even passed. The Halloween costumes and decorations were all on clearance and Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments were being put up,” he told INSIDE EDITION via email. “It was a little ridiculous.”

Jon actually sings in the video and comes from a musical background.

He said he made the video “purely for the fun of it, but also to say what I thought a lot of other people are thinking. It’s too soon for Christmastime! And it seems to be coming earlier and earlier every single year.”

While he is very passionate about this subject, he does admit that response is mixed.

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“I honestly thought more people would be in agreement with me, but it’s been about 50/50. However most people need to know this video is purely for fun! I mean even if you are the “Christmas before Halloween” type, come on, it’s still funny,” he said.

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