Janice Dickinson's Fiance Gets Plastic Surgery For Their Wedding: 'I Wanted to Look My Best'

Rocky Gerner, 68, underwent a seven-hour special procedure ahead of his wedding to the supermodel.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is getting married and as a pre-wedding gift, her fiancé, psychiatrist Rocky Gerner, is having plastic surgery.

He told INSIDE EDITION: “I wanted to look my very best. Janice is a supermodel.”

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Janice is no stranger to plastic surgery herself. She recently appeared on E!'s Botched to have her breast implants replaced. But she insists she's not forcing her 68-year-old husband-to-be to go under the knife.

He said: “I don't have to change for her to love me.”

She chimed in: “I love you the way you are.”

Still, Janice has definite ideas for improvement. “I hope they improve you ... take away the saddle bags ... take away the turkey neck, you know maybe a little eyes up here,” she told him.

For his surgery, her finance turned to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei.

Rocky got an Aurolyft, which the doctor says is different from a facelift and costs as much as $50,000.

As the doctor cut and tucked, Rocky was given only local anesthesia.

Surgery was expected to take three to four hours but there was a complication. Rocky’s blood pressure spiked and his skin proved tougher to sculpt than the doctor anticipated.

Finally after seven hours, he was done.

The doctor said: “His went over because of difficulty, he had a blood pressure issue ... ended up taking off much more skin that he thought he would need to.”

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Rocky’s head was wrapped in a tight bandage to reduce the chance of swelling. He was exhausted from the long surgery but gave a thumbs up.

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