Tumbles The 2-Legged Puppy Learns to Walk with 3-D Printed Wheelchair

Tumbles, who was born without his front two legs, was rescued from the cold when he was 2 weeks old. He's now getting a second chance thanks to rescuers.

A two-legged pup has taken his first steps, thanks to a 3-D printed wheelchair.

Tumbles, who was born without his front legs, was rescued from the cold when he was just two weeks old, according to Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Athens, Ohio.

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He has been able to move across the floor by balancing on his nose and back legs, but a veterinarian suggested he get a cart to help him build muscles in his back legs.

So the Ohio University Innovation Center built Tumbles a cart using a 3-D printer.

As video shows, he manages to get to his feet and push the cart along the ground - but he'll need hours of physical therapy and a few tweaks to the cart before he can run around on his own.

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"Tumbles is all tuckered out after his first cart fitting at the Ohio University Innovation Center," Friends of the Shelter Dogs wrote on Facebook as they shared pictures by Crystal Richmond of him napping. "Because this little guy is so small, adjustments have to be made to his new wheels."

You can find out more about the shelter here.

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