Man Sees Colors for the First Time in 24 Years, Breaks Down in Tears

A Georgia man was able to see colors for the first time in 24 years, thanks to EnChroma glasses given to him by his wife.

Joseph Romeo was about seven years old when he last saw colors. Ever since, his world appeared only in varying shades of gray.

Until Monday, when his wife surprised him with a pair of EnChroma glasses. In an instant, his world went from the color of steel to all the colors of the rainbow.

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“I could not believe my eyes,” Romeo, 31, told INSIDE EDITION Tuesday. “I must have stared at the sky for at least 10 minutes, just looking at all the blue.”

Brittany Romeo, 29, bought the $400 glasses for her husband because he needs to see colors for a new program at his designing firm. He designs and drafts artificial barriers to protect shorelines from erosion.

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She first heard about the glasses for color blind people about three years ago. But they were very expensive.

Prices have dropped from about $700 to about $400, and Brittany decided the time to get them was now, especially since Joseph needs to see colors to keep on working.

She surprised him Monday by taking him for a ride and then pulling out a box containing the glasses.

He put them on, saw the blue sky and his wife’s blue shirt and broke down.

“I can see colors,” he said as his wife recorded the moment on a cell phone video. 

 Joseph said he abruptly went color blind 24 years ago and no one has ever been able to say why. Sometimes a traumatic event can cause the absence of color in vision, sometimes it is a medical condition.

But Joseph can’t remember anything traumatic in his childhood or any medical problems.

But now, with the gift of a pair of glasses, Joseph’s world has deepened and become much more colorful.

Thanks to his wife.

“She is the greatest woman I’ve ever met,” he said.

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