Fan Tries to Prove Why Jennifer Lawrence Should Date Him After She Said She Was Lonely

"I hear you're having some boy problems," Travis Fishburn says in a video posted online.

When Travis Fishburn heard Jennifer Lawrence say she struggles to get a date, he jumped into action.

"I hear you're having some boy problems," he says in a video uploaded to YouTube.

In another video, the Navy SEAL attempts to show the Hollywood star that he's her ideal match - from lifting weights in the gym to shooting a bow and arrow, as she does in The Hunger Games.

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"Oh hey Katniss, I hear you have some bow and arrow skills," he says to the camera. "So do I, let's go and shoot sometime."

Fishburn, from Boise, Idaho, posted the videos after Lawrence's interview with Vogue. 

"No one ever asks me out," she was quoted as saying. "I am lonely every Saturday night... Guys are so mean to me. I know where it’s coming from, I know they’re trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings."

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Fishburn explained he has been a fan of Lawrence since watching her in X-Men and The Hunger Games.

"I thought that it was sad when she couldn't get a date and that guys treat her bad," he said. "No woman should have to deal with either of those things."

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If she's willing to take up his offer of a date, he would whisk her away to an animal shelter to play with dogs and cats, he said. Next, he'd take her to a painting or wine class.

"After that a chill dinner where we can just be ourselves and there is no stress," he said. "Then finish off the night with some wine and stories."

But he's not holding out hope that he'll get that date.

"Hell, I don't even know if she has seen the videos," he said.

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