All This Kid Wants for Christmas is 'Grand Theft Auto V'... But Without the Hookers

One little boy wants a few things for Christmas this year, like 'Grand Theft Auto V," just without the hookers.

For Christmas this year, one little boy in Ireland wants a shirt and tie, various items from Lego and the video game Grand Theft Auto V. However, there is a catch – he wants it without the hookers.

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The controversial and violent video game allows the characters to pick up prostitutes on the street, and Rory Smith wants to play the game without the women of the night. In fact, he wrote in his letter to Santa that he just wants to play with the cars.

His sister Olivia took a picture of his list to Santa and sent it to one of Ireland’s most popular radio hosts, Ryan Tubridy, who posted it on his Facebook page, with permission from Olivia.

Comments on the Facebook page were: “Oh the innocence of a child,” “very clever little boy, good example going on there xx.”

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According to The Huffington Post, Rory has Asperger’s and in an email from his mother to the radio show, she wrote: “He is very literal, hence the 'hooker' line but also has a brilliant sense of humour. He knows he has Asperger's (and dyslexia) and was fine about his sister Olivia sending the email (photo).”

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