Dancing with the Stars Slap Causes Controversy

Things were heating up on Dancing with the Stars after Brandy got a swat on her behind from dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Brandy does a sexy samba on Dancing with the Stars, but it's what happened during rehearsal that's ignited a firestorm.
Brandy's partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy swatted her on the butt during their practice sessions. The slap enraged head judge Len Goodman.

"I'll tell you what it means, slapping her on the a__, giving her all this, It's not the way to train, in my opinion," said Goodman.

But backstage the pair made light of the controversy.

"I loved the smack in the tush because it helped me to Samba more, it was great," Brandy said. Added Chmerkovskiy, "it has to be appropriate to the dance."

Jennifer Grey did a sultry dance playing a cougar-ific school teacher, but her good friend Jamie Lee Curtis was never far from her thoughts.

"She's with me in my heart all day today," Grey said.

Curtis has been there every week to support Grey, but yesterday she had to attend the funeral of her father, screen legend Tony Curtis.

"She's doing wonderfully, she's doing what people do when they lose a parent," Grey said.

And it was a disappointing night for Bristol Palin who got less than enthusiastic scores for her Fox Trot without her mom in the audience.