Couple Who Discovered They Were Preschool Sweethearts Get Engaged on 'The View'

Two preschool sweethearts are now tying the knot.

Three decades after Justin Pounders and Amy Giberson met at pre-school - before losing touch - they are getting married.

The couple, who realized they were pre-school sweethearts after being paired on, visited The View on Wednesday to talk about their story - and while on the show, Pounders popped the question.

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The couple previously told INSIDE EDITION that when they talked about being from the same town in Florida, they discovered they grew up in the same neighborhood.

“I remember having a crush on a girl named Amy in preschool,” he said.

“I honesty never thought it was me,” she said. But it was.

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INSIDE EDITION recently took the couple back to the classroom where they played as children.

Even their preschool teacher, Diane Twar, remembers the pair.

“They spent a lot of time together,” she said. “They were inseparable.”

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