Kids Freak Out After Dad Gives Them Vegetables Instead of Toys

A dad pranked his sons by giving them vegetables instead of toys for doing well in school.

Neal Rodriguez promised his two sons new Transformer toys for doing well in school, but before he gave them their gifts, he decided to play a prank on them first.

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“I wanted to have some fun with them before I gave it to them,” Neal told INSIDE EDITION, “So I took out the toys from the boxes and replaced Christopher's box with a bag of beans (one of his most hated foods) and a bag of celery in Lance's box (one of his most hated foods).”

Lance and Christopher got the shock of their lives when they opened up the packages only to find their least favorite foods inside! The eight-year-old and the five-year-old just couldn’t contain their disappointment and both burst into tears.

Lance ran off and screamed “I worked so hard for that!” while Christopher continued to cry.

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But the boys were quick to recover when their dad gave them their real gifts.

Neal told INSIDE EDITION: “I was just filming the video to capture their reactions and get a laugh; they laugh at me all the time.”

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