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Watch These Two Tiny Baby Possums Climb On Their Mom For a Hug

Two ring-tailed possums were born at a wildlife park in Australia and all of their movements have been documented.

Two adorably tiny ring-tailed possum twins were born at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.

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The babies, Chester and Honey, are fed by zookeeper Tami Wilson, who gets to snuggle with the precious twins.

The duo loves to sit on top of their mom to cuddle together. The siblings are smaller than the palm of a hand and are already proving that they can ham it up for the camera.


Too cute to watch are 'Honey and Chester' our ring-tailed possum twins, during their #zoobabies photoshoot. :-)

Posted by Symbio Wildlife Park on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

According to the park, ring-tailed possums are “100% Australian through and through.”

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In a press release, the park stated: "Although not listed as threatened or endangered species 'like many of the other animals at Symbio' the adorable duo are set to play one of the most important roles there is, in that they will form an integral part of the Symbio Wildlife Park school and public educational program."

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