Connecticut Murder Suspect's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

Imagine dating a monster. INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to the ex-girlfriend of the second suspect in the horrific Connecticut family murders that have captivated the nation.

She's the young woman who once loved a monster. Caroline Mesel was the girlfriend of Josh Komisarjevsky, accused of murdering a doctor's wife and his two beautiful daughters in a horrific home invasion.

His alleged accomplice, Steven Hayes, has just been found guilty of capital murder and faces the death penalty. The 21-year-old woman believes they both deserve to die.

"I get so mad thinking about it. I kind of wish I could do to him what he did to the girls. I kind of wish he could feel what they went through," said Mesel.

Mesel fears she may have been the unwitting motive for the home invasion. Her family moved to Arkansas while they were dating, and she says Komisarjevsky was desperate to raise $15,000 to bring her back to Connecticut to start a new life together.

"He's like, 'I would even rob a bank, you know, to get the money for you,' " said Mesel.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "He actually said, 'I may even rob a bank to try and get the money to get you back'?"

"Yes," said Mesel.

Just hours before the murders, she posted a video on Youtube for Komisarjevsky, singing about how much she missed him.

He promised her he would raise the money.

$15,000 is exactly the amount a terrified Jennifer Petit was forced to withdraw from her bank while her family was being held hostage.

Boyd asked, "You don't feel guilty at all do you?"

"I did go through that whole guilt thing, like this is my fault. Maybe if I was in Connecticut, they would still be alive today. Because I could probably have probably prevented it," said Mesel.

She says Komisarjevsky called her a week after the murders and even boasted about beating Dr. William Petit with a baseball bat.

Boyd asked, "He was proud of what he did?"

"Yes, he was kind of bragging about it," said Mesel.

"He was bragging about it?" asked Boyd.

"Yes. Kind of like, 'Oh, he was such a big guy but I took him out.' "

Boyd showed Mesel disturbing photos of the crime scene, the arrest of her boyfriend outside the house, the burned out home of the Petit family.

And she recalled her reaction when she first heard about his arrest, saying, "He shouldn't be living in a jail cell and still have his freedom and still have his life, when he took those girls's lives away."