Woman Strips Down to Her Underwear in The Middle of Traffic

Traffic swerved to avoid the unidentified woman, who was eventually arrested.

A young woman stopped traffic - quite literally - when she reportedly stripped down to her underwear while walking in the middle of the road on San Francisco's Bay Bridge.

The unidentified woman was first spotted wearing blue jeans and a sweater as she ran up a ramp and onto Interstate 80 around 6 p.m. on Wednesday, SFGate reported.

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"She began losing clothing as she walked in the center lane," CHP Officer Peter Van Eckhardt said. “She definitely had everyone’s attention there."

As cars swerved around her, California High Patrol vehicles flashed their lights to make her stop - but she reportedly continued to remove her clothes until she was down to her underwear.

One motorist shared an image of the woman to Facebook, calling the incident "crazy."


There was extra traffic coming home over the Bay Bridge tonight because of this. No crash or abandoned car, just a woman in underwear and no bra walking in the middle lane. Crazy.

Posted by Tony Devencenzi on Wednesday, 18 November 2015


After she had been walking for around 20 minutes, she was eventually arrested and taken to San Francisco General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, according to reports.

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"She was not the happiest person to go for a ride. She was enjoying her walk, I guess," Van Eckhardt said.

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