NY Corrections Officer Wins $54 Million in the Lottery

She once had only $20 to her name, but now Garina Fearon is a multi-millionaire and living the American dream. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

If you didn't believe in the American dream before, you will now.

"I think I'm the American dream," says Garina Fearon.

Not too long ago, the New York City corrections officer assigned to Rikers Island prison was down to her last $20...but she just won a Mega Millions jackpot worth $54 million!

Fearon lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. You won't believe how her life suddenly changed.

She walked into a convenience store in East New York planning to buy a newspaper and some Powerball tickets. But as fate would have it, she mistakenly bought some Mega Millions tickets. She walked out not realizing she had winning numbers worth $54 million.

What do you buy when you suddenly have $54 million to spend?

For Fearon, that question was easy. "I think I'm going to get a BMW!" she said

INSIDE EDITION went with Fearon to shop for the car of her dreams.

"It's hard to believe. From where I'm coming from, to here? I can't believe it! It's still like I'm in a dream," she says.