Woman Finds Third 'Twin Stranger' With the Same Face

Niamh Geaney is on a search for her "Twin Strangers" and has now found three women from Ireland and Italy who share her face.

A woman who launched a search to find strangers who look just like her has now tracked down a third doppelganger.

Niamh Geaney, from Ireland, met up with her first "Twin Stranger" Karen Branigan in Ireland in April before connecting with her second, Luisa Guizzardi from Italy, in June.

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And now, she has been contacted by a third named Irene.

A new video shows Niamh traveling to Irene's home in Ireland to meet her, and both are shocked by how similar they appear. They also met up with Irene's sister, Aoife.

"It’s uncanny," Aoife told Irene. "You actually look more like Niamh than your own sister!"

Niamh set up Twinstrangers.net with two friends, Terence Manzanga and Harry English, in a bid to connect with people who look just like them. They say everyone has seven doppelgangers somewhere on the planet, and Niamh believes she can track down all of hers.

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The website also connects other people with their doppelgangers.

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