After 30 Years in Prison, Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard is Free

Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard is released from prison after 30 years.

Jonathan Pollard, the convicted spy who spent 30 years in prison for handing over U.S. government secrets to Israel, is now a free man.

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Pollard was released from federal prison in North Carolina on Friday. The former U.S. Naval intelligence analyst, who was given a life sentence for espionage, was granted parole this summer. 

He immediately traveled to New York. Early Friday morning, he and his wife walked into a New York City courthouse where he was told he must remain in America for five years before he is allowed to move to Israel, where he is considered a hero.

He also has to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and any computer he uses, whether personal or business, will be monitored.

He told reporters "no comment" as he was peppered with questions as he entered and exited the courthouse. 

The 61-year-old has long been a thorn in the side of U.S. / Israel relations and over the years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has campaigned for his freedom.

In a statement, Netanyahu said: "As someone who raised Jonathan’s case for years with successive American presidents I had long hoped this day would come."

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In 1998, Pollard spoke to the Associated Press and said he does not consider himself a hero of any kind. "There is nothing good that came as a result of my actions," he said. "I tried to serve two countries at the same time. That does not work."

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