Phone App Helps Shoppers Find the Best Black Friday Deals

Lifestyle expert Trae Bodge shows INSIDE EDITION how a smart phone app is revolutionizing shopping.


By now, we've all come to know Black Friday for its brawls, high tempers and crammed stores.

But in 2015, does it really have to be like this?

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Lifestyle expert Trae Bodge doesn't think so. She showed INSIDE EDITION viewer Amy Bursor how a smart phone app is revolutionizing shopping by finding great deals.

RetailMeNot uses GPS technology to alert shoppers to deals that are close by.

Bodge told Bursor: “That list that you have in your head is not the way to go. There are also apps that are good for list making." 

However, there is one app that is helping take the stress out of Black Friday.

RetailMeNot is making holiday shopping easier and not a minute too soon.

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“I can't wait to download the app,” Bursor said.

“You are going to find great deals,” Bodge assured her.