Melania Trump: Donald Needs to Tone it Down During Debates

Donald Trump's wife opened up about their relationship in her first major interview.

Donald and Melania Trump will speak out about their marriage to Barbara Walters in a 20/20 special airing on Friday.

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Walters asked the couple: “Is yours a marriage of equals?”

“I would say yes,” Melania replied.

“I would say no. I think she's far greater than the 50 percent,” he said. “No, no, we have a pretty equal relationship, wouldn't you say?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Donald says his wife gave him advice after the debates: “She said, ‘You can tone it down a little bit on occasion,’ which I understand.”

Walters asked the billionaire’s wife: “What is the biggest criticism about him that is untrue?”

“I would say that he is nasty. He's not and he has a big heart and very warm heart,” she said.

Walters also spoke to four of the mogul’s children in the interview. Baron, 8, Donald Trump's youngest son with his wife, Melania, was not interviewed.

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The iconic newswoman asked the children: “Do any of you make fun of your father's hair?

Donald Junior said: “I like not to because you never know what happens genetically.”

Trump's rarely seen daughter Tiffany, 22, from his marriage to second wife Marla Maples, sat with her brothers and older sister for the interview.

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