Modern Family's Reid Ewing Reveals He Had 8 Cosmetic Surgeries: 'I Felt Hideously Ugly'

Reid Ewing told INSIDE EDITION that the surgeries did not make his life happier.

Actor Reid Ewing of "Modern Family" suffers from a mental disorder that sometimes makes him feel horribly disfigured.

So much so, he told INSIDE EDITION, that he became addicted to cosmetic surgery. 

"At one point I took a photo and I remember looking at that photo and I said I had to get cosmetic surgery because no one was allowed to be that ugly," he admitted.   

Ewing also admitted: "I would get something, I would get it in this attempt to look better and after it would swell down I would say: 'No, no this is not the way I look' and then I would go back to the same doctor and beg them to take it out." 

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His affliction is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. "Sometimes I would think I was hideously ugly," he said.

Ewing says he has had eight procedures since he was 19. He had implants embedded in his cheeks, jaws and chin. He also had Botox injections. 

"I wish I could talk to my younger self and say 'Don't go through with it, you look fine.' It's just not necessary. It's not going to make your life happier or better. In fact, I did the exact opposite," he said.

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