Widow Responds to Questions About Her Claims that Pirates Murdered Her Husband

In response to questions by some in the media, the woman who says her husband was shot while the couple was jet skiing on the Texas-Mexico border denies she had any involvement in his death. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tiffany Hartley appeared live on The Today Show for the second day in a row. The widow who says her husband was shot to death by pirates was confronted with the question the whole country is wondering about.

"I have to ask you point-blank. Did you have anything to do with the disappearance, and or the death of your husband?" asked Meredith Viera.

"No. Not at all. I loved him very much," said Tiffany.

"Why do you believe that authorities have cast doubts on your story?" asked Viera.

Tiffany responded, "Because we do have no evidence. We were in Mexico, and U.S. authorities can't go over there. I have no proof, I have no cameras, I have nothing."

Tiffany says her husband David was shot in the head by pirates as the couple was jet-skiing on a lake that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border.

Her account got a big boost from Swift Justice host Nancy Grace, on her HLN show last night.
"I really believe she's telling the truth. And I resent authorities questioning her story," said Grace.

Tiffany went back to the lake Wednesday and met with Texas sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez, who's in charge of the case.

He tells INSIDE EDITION he also believes Tiffany.

"So far, there is no indication to indicate that she was, in fact, involved in the killing of her husband," said Sheriff Gonzalez.

The sheriff told INSIDE EDITION there's an eyewitness who backs up Tiffany's story.

"There is a witness who saw one Mexican commercial fishing boat chasing Tiffany into the United States," said Sheriff Gonzalez.

The witness was outside working on his lawn when Tiffany reached U.S. shore and can be heard on a 911 call made to cops.

911 Operator: "Can I talk to her?"

Witness: "Sure, she's right here."

Tiffany: "Hello?"

911 Operator: "Ma'am, are you sure that your husband got shot?"

Tiffany: "Yes, in his head."

Meanwhile, Tiffany grieved for her husband at a memorial service in Texas Tuesday night. She sat on his beloved motorcycle displayed onstage next to his picture.

Her mother is lashing out at anyone who doesn't believe that Tiffany tried to save her fatally-wounded husband, saying, "I get really angry as a mom, because they didn't walk in her shoes that day."