Nearby Gunfire Throws High School Football Game into Chaos

Gunfire rang out during a game between Carol City and Florida Central high schools on Friday evening.

The sound of nearby gunfire during a high school football game sent players, coaches and spectators fleeing from a Florida stadium on Friday.

Shocking footage posted to social media shows the chaos unfold as people fled in fear from Traz Powell Stadium in Miami-Dade County after shots rang out with less than two minutes on the clock in the matchup between Carol City and Miami Central high schools, according to reports.

According to the Associated Press, people in the stands ran to the exits when the gunshots were heard while coaches first told players to get down on the field.

Gun shots heard in the fourth quarter of the Carol City vs Central game

November 21, 2015

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A photo posted to Twitter by J Drumm shows the yougn players hitting the deck. Twitter user Omar Kelly from the Sun-Sentinel posted video that shows the teams subsequently streaming out of the stadium en masse.

Kelly, an NFL beat writer, later wrote on Instagram:

"Very disappointed that my reunion with my Carol City peers at a football game was ruined by yet another shooting at a sporting event."

The game was ended with 2:58 remaining. Miami Central was declared the winner over Carol City by 36-8, the Miami Herald reports.

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“The officials ended the game at that point with respect to student safety,” Miami-Dade Schools spokesman John Schuster said. 

Three men were arrested following the incident and charged with possession of a firearm on school property.

All told, witnesses reported hearing two gun shots. No injuries were reported, nor do police believe anyone was struck by a bullet.

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