Oksana Grigorieva's People Magazine Tell-All

Oksana Grigorieva is sticking to her story about troubled actor Mel Gibson in her first interview with People magazine. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Words of genuine fear from Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend.

"He just hit me twice with the fist. Boom, boom, to my head and my mouth," said Grigorieva.

In her first interview, Oksana Grigorieva is finally talking about her relationship with the troubled actor. She tells the new issue of People magazine, "I was scared for my life."

"Mel's rage grew so out of control that he ended up punching and hitting her repeatedly," said a People magazine source.

Grigorieva also spoke about those now infamous tape recordings of a ranting-out-of-control Gibson.

In one tape, Gibson rants, "You need a [expletive deleted] bat to the side of the head! All right? How about that? You need a [expletive deleted] doctor. You need a [expletive deleted] brain transplant. You need a [expletive deleted] soul!"

"Oksana said, by the time she started recording Mel on the phone, she had been dealing with so many threats, so many violent outbursts, and so much of his rage, that she felt she needed to document what she was going through," said the source.

Grigorieva is sticking to her story that she didn't leak the tapes, but she adds they are truthful evidence to a crime committed.

"Oksana wants it to be made very clear that she did not leak these famous audio tapes of her phone conversations with Mel and that she was in no way behind the leak," said the source.
And Grigorieva has a message for those who believe she's a gold-digger out to extort money from Gibson, saying, "They need to know the truth. I'm standing up to a bully who is very rich and famous."

Grigorieva was also supposed to tell her side of the story to Oprah, but it's being reported she has cancelled that interview on the advice of her attorneys.