Officials: Inmates Try to Escape Prison Using Gun Made From Soap, Toilet Paper

Two Louisiana inmates almost escaped jail using a gun made of soap and toilet paper.

Two inmates' plan to escape a Louisiana jail using a gun made out of soap and toilet paper was thwarted following a cell block search, authorities say. 

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Inmates Troy Benner, 49, and Treiston Pierron, 32, face new charges after their plan was discovered during the raid at Lafourche Parish Detention Center, police said.

A handcuff key that was “unknowingly dropped” by a corrections officer was found during the cell block search, according to police.

During an investigation, police said they found that Benner was the alleged mastermind behind the plot and made the make-shift gun.

Cops also said that Pierron allegedly had “knowledge of Benner’s activities and assisted him in planning the escape attempt,” according to a statement from the prison.

The two inmates now face charges of attempted simple escape and their bonds have increased – Benner’s to $400,000 and Pierron’s to $300,000.

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Benner was arrested this past July for armed robbery charges and Pierron was locked up in August for simple arson charges.

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