Selfie Rat is the Latest New York City Vermin to Steal Your Heart

A rat crawled atop a man sleeping on a subway platform and managed to snap a selfie with the man's cell phone.

Meet Selfie Rat, the latest New York City vermin to steal your heart.

Like Pizza Rat before him, Selfie Rat was spotted in the New York City subway and was caught on video by a late-night train rider.

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The little rodent was also caught in a still photo— one he took all by himself.

The unlikely scenario began as a visitor to New York, Don Richards, began recording as rat walked atop a man who was dozing on the subway platform near the heavily rat-infested subway tracks.

The video, hilarious in its own right, shows the poor sleeping man leap up in fear after realizing the rodent was on him.

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The man would later tell Richards that it was the flash of his camera that woke him up after the rat managed to somehow snap a photo.

Richards told Fox 61 that he and the man swapped the video and the selfie to prove the bizarre man-rodent encounter had actually occurred. 

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