Bank Hires Man to Change Lock on a Woman's Home

A woman made a terrified 911 call when someone tried to break into her home, and was shocked to find out the bank had hired him.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Put yourself in this woman's shoes. You're home alone, when suddenly you hear someone breaking into your house. So you run into the bathroom to hide and call 911.

911: "What is your emergency?"

Caller: "Somebody's trying to break into my house."

911: "What is he doing?"

Caller: "He's trying to break in. I hear him at the door. Please!"

Nancy Jacobini was thinking the worst as she listened to the sound of someone banging away on the front door of her house in Orlando, Florida. 

Jacobini said, "Somebody was definitely putting their hand right on the handle and trying to juggle it back and forth." 

Caller: "My alarm is going off." 

911: "Okay."

Caller: "He's in, he's in the house!"

911:  "Where are you at?"

Caller: "I'm locked in the bathroom!"

But the man at the door was not a burgular. He'd been sent there by her mortgage bank to change the locks!

Jacobini said, "I was behind three months. A couple of payments. Didn't think it was really a big deal at all."

Jacobini, a sales agent who's fallen on hard times, had no way of knowing who was out there as she cowered in the bathroom, more terrified by the moment.

Caller: "He opened up the door! He got in my house! He's in my house!"

911: "Did they kick the door in? How did he get the door open, do you know?"

Caller: "I don't know!"

Moments later, police were on the scene. As you can tell by the sudden turn the 911 call takes, they'd told the operator what was going on outside.

911: "Do you own the house?"

Caller: "Yes."

911: "Is it financed to a bank or anything?"

Caller: "Yes."

911: "And are you behind in your payments at all or anything like that?'

Caller: "Yes."

The sheriff's office says the guy at the door told them he had been hired to change the locks and had been informed the house was abandoned.

Jacobini said, "I didn't know if the person had a gun. I didn't know if the person had a knife. I didn't know how many people were there. I was very scared."